Wright Lien Associates brings over 30 years of experience to assist you with all your Workers’ Compensation lien needs. Liens keep claim files open and reserves up months and years too long.


Let our experience help you close those cases with whatever defense is most appropriate.


Wright Lien Associates is able to negotiate a quick resolution or defend you at Lien Trial. Our review provides a breakdown of overall exposure and recommended defenses. We can then move forward to negotiate resolutions or prepare for Lien Trial.


All Lien claims are not the same, so defense of those claims needs to vary also. We can work with you in all phases of Lien Defense preparation, which can include file review, service of documents, filing the DOR, making appearances, processing Notice of Intents and completion of Stip and Orders.


Wright Lien Associates can tailor charges based on what types of

service(s) you prefer. Depending on the number and type of referrals we can discuss hourly billing or percentage of savings.